Automatic seeding sprinkling machine

    The system for placing seeds on products consists of a wire strip.First the product crosses the first wire strip, it is sprinkled with water or other fluid (e.g. egg, syrup) using a spraying system. The fluid is fully recycled using a pump.
    At the second wire strip, the product is sprinkled all round with sesame seeds. There is a tank which is filled with sesame seeds (or other nuts / seeds). The sesame seeds (or other seeds / nuts) fall through a roller uniformly on both sides of the product (top and bottom) (if wanted).
    The sesame seeds (or other nuts / seeds) that do not affix to the product are directed back to the original tank to be re-used. This fully recycles the sesame seeds (or other nuts / seeds).
    A guillotine with knives can be fitted to the exit belt to cut the product to the desired length.

sprinkling machine 1

sprinkling machine 2