Automatic seeding-sprinkling machine

Automatic seeding-sprinkling machine is suitable to any make up line of pastry products.The system places seeds, sesame an corn diving entiry the product to water and sesame,corn.The seeding-sprinkling machine uses a tank of water and dives entiry the product so to prepare the surface for the seeding procedure.

Then air spraying nozzles removes water drops from the products surface.At this point the product goes to the automatic seeding procedure were a layer of sesame-seeds-corn is moving at the same time and direction as the wire strip under the products surface so to achive total coating under the products surface.Then through a recycling system and pipe the machine is coating the above surface of product.At the end, through an oscillation system the sesame seeds or other nuts do not affix to product is beeing removed and return to the original tank to be